Power-packed palak, carrot rice flour roti

It’s nothing new that babies while starting with their solids turn into fussy eaters. The same happened with my little one. While it’s a tradition and custom to start the solids with rice, that alone sometimes is not enough to give a booster to your fast growing toddler. And in my case, i faced many challenges to feed my son a bowl of rice which at times he used to take so long to finish and he turned cranky the moment we try to feed him.

So mommy decided to try something new, something he would be interested to have (attracted is the right word) J. Here came to my rescue the traditional recipe known as taalipattu / Akki rotti which is a made out of mainly rice flour, and sometimes ragi flour depending on the flavour and nutrients you need.

If the baby has an aversion to vegetables, she may be missing some key nutrients. Using a few clever tricks, mommies can ensure the baby is eating a balanced diet soon enough. Here is the best way to make your baby eat veggies and lentils, rice, ragi including green leafy vegetables. Mommy knows how to hide all nutrition in the meal 😉 Sharing this recipe and tips with you to make healthy meals for your toddlers 🙂


√ Rice flour (1 full bowl)

√ Wheat flour (1/2 bowl)

√ Paalak (handful)

√ Aalu (one big or two small)

√ Carrot (one medium size)

√ Salt (one teaspoon)

√ Sugar (half teaspoon)

√ Jeera (powdered or crushed finely)

√ Ghee (two tablespoons)

√ Oil paper or banana leaf


Pressure cook palak, aalu, carrot upto 4-5 whistles on high till these fully cook, now allow it to cool. To prepare the dough, mix rice flour, wheat flour, salt, jeera, sugar, ghee. If you have started to give spices to your kid then you can add a pinch of red chilly powder just for taste. Blend palak, aalu and carrot to a fine paste and mix it with the other ingredients and make the dough.



You can strain the water in the cooker in a container and use it to mix the dough. As it contains many nutrients, it will not go waste. I even use to make soups or add it to sambar/rasam.


On the oil paper or banana leaf, smear some ghee to cover the radius of the taalipattu you are making and make a small ball of dough and start spreading the dough on the oil paper with hand, you can even use the rolling pin but i prefer using hand due to practice. If you are doing it by hand, apply some ghee to your fingers and palm so that it does not stick.


Once done, put the oil paper on the hot non-stick pan and slowly lift the oil paper upwards while you gently pull the taalipattu down and you will notice it will easily come off. Let the flame be on sim else it might turn hard. Once you notice bubbles appearing, turn and apply ghee and do the same for the other side. Remove it from the pan once it’s fully cooked.


You can apply little more ghee while feeding with sauce, pickle, jam or curd. The soft, nutritious, tasty palak, carrot taalipattu is ready to feed your little one.

Happy feeding!! 🙂

P.S –

To make parathas – you can follow the same process with wheat flour skipping rice flour. Rest everything will remain the same 🙂

To make ragi rotti / talipattu – follow the same process with ragi flour skipping rice flour. Rest everything will remain the same 🙂

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