The joy of creation – Two red lines that changed my life

I read this quote recently “It is not about creating, it is about the person you become while you are creating that changes everything within you”

I felt thoughtful while reading this quote as i had experienced this during my pregnancy. ‘The joy’ was so much a part of me that I didn’t feel any jitters of pregnancy like nausea, vomits, crankiness, varicose veins etc. My pre-natal trainer used to tell me that my body and mind has accepted being pregnant so completely that it is not reacting to most changes happening within 🙂 Yes, then, i couldn’t much relate to or understand on the level she spoke, but i was elated by this unknown joy of creation which lasted till the day i delivered my son on the auspicious day of Sankranti. Of course, he made me wait for almost five days from the due date and on the fifth day from my due date, happiness was born.

I was never been so much in love with myself for the new life I was nurturing within me, i looked beautiful, i felt beautiful and even food tasted so much better. I keep telling this to my friends and family that my taste buds too were dancing from joy 😀 😀

Yet, all was not perfect

My baby showed up as a bump by end of the first trimester and i could feel the tiny swirls and whirls by the fourth month. That was when i realized that i am fully pregnant. Back then, i was traveling for my work and my office was quite far from home which made me sit for long hours in cab and auto and boom one day i return home with some kind of discomfort in my tummy. I was told next day by my gynie that i have a low placenta, the essential part that supplies nutrients and oxygen to my little one was positioned a little lower than it is supposed to be. I was advised against traveling and i decided to work from home from then on and I still continue to do that.

That moment was an awakening. I realized as a mother how my decisions would impact my baby. By seventh month the placenta was normal and I am glad I took the decision to to WFH. Thanks to my company / manager who allowed me to and extended support.

My learnings from nine months

This experience of being joyful has taught me a few very important life lessons:

@Yes, it’s important to learn. But, what truly makes you ready for anything is to learn, unlearn and relearn. These are essential for especially new moms.

@But there’s nothing much to worry.. your motherly instincts will teach you everything you didn’t know and once your baby is out he surely does teach you many things 😉

@As working woman and mothers, we aspire for professional success, personal and family’s wellbeing and it’s never a trade-off. But prioritizing surely helps.

@Be very sure about what you want or wish in its totality. When you wish something, it brings many other things along with it which you might not be prepared for.

@Finally, accept the changes with all the heart, it will brace you for all uncertainties and challenges and feel pleasant inside.

This is my learning. I am learning every day, little by little 🙂
Before I conclude, I would like to thank Neha from, Deepali from amd Anubhuti from for giving me a chance to be a part of their blogger train for womanhood celebrations. Further, I would like to thank Amrit for introducing and linking me to the blog train.

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  1. Lovely! Musing Mom…A very warm write up…so glad to know that you were fortunate not to have gone through the travails of pregnancy 🙂
    Keep writing…..looking forward to many more

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  2. No wonders how correctly it is said child birth is when a woman is re-born. Being fully prepared for the new arrival is very important. Then only a couple can enjoy the beauty and warmth of this new bond to it’s fullest.


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