What my dad helped me unlearn

Yes UNLEARN! It's as simple and as difficult as that! Some of you might be wondering why unlearn? For me unlearning has been the most important thing than learning. To continually transform yourself, learning is essential. While learning is good, it might be counterproductive. This is the time you realize you need to unlearn. My... Continue Reading →


A giant leap towards NEW INDIA

As parents as we get so tied up with the day to day errands, we miss the point that there are many others who are facing bigger challenges of a larger magnitude. Cancer is one among them. You might be thinking why am i suddenly talking such a serious topic! Recently, i was a part... Continue Reading →

Ragi rotti / taalipattu with carrot

It's a known fact that ragi is rich in nutrients and good a source of fiber. Due to its high nutritional content and being a source of fiber, it's good for babies' overall development. Makes babies feel fuller πŸ™‚ Prevents iron and calcium deficiencies πŸ™‚ Enhances immunity πŸ™‚ And it's tasty too πŸ˜€ Ragi rotti... Continue Reading →

Palak, carrot taalipattu / Akki rotti

It’s nothing new that babies while starting with their solids turn into fussy eaters. The same happened with my little one. While it’s a tradition and custom to start the solids with rice, that alone sometimes is not enough to give a booster to your fast growing toddler. And in my case, i faced many... Continue Reading →

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